Welcome to the BlaVo Chemicals website.

We are a Czech company focused on organic chemicals. We deal in both export and import, marketing and consultative activities.

Our offer:

agent and distributor of chemical products on the CZ, SVK, PL, HU, Baltics market – offices in Pardubice, Wroclaw, Budapest, Bukiskis

custom manufacturing, toll manufacturing and custom research – phosgenations, brominations, hydrogenations, coupling reactions, nitrations, prostaglandine intermediates etc.


We are partner of:

BNT Chemicals - producer of alkylchlorides and tin based chemicals
Concentrol - producer of silicon stabilisers for PU
Chukyo Europe - producer of release agents for PU foams
Itram - producer of Biofinder and enzymatic cleaners
Lambiotte & Cie - producer of ecological solvents called acetals
Novasep – producer of organic intermediates and APIs + separation and purification systems like chromatographic columns, ion exchange columns, membrane filtrations etc.
Oxiris - producer of phenolic antioxidants
Perstorp - producer of polyols, acids, alcohols, plasticizers, coalescents etc.
Raschig - producer of mass transfer products
SiliCycle – producer of silicagel and silicabased products – catalysts, scavangers etc.
Sumitomo Chemical - producer of resorcinol
Vertellus - producer of pyridin, its derivatives, Zemac, Topanol etc.
Mater-Biopolymer /Novamont group/ – producer of tetrahydrofurna
Marott Graphic Services UK Ltd. /MGS/ – producer of corrosion inhibitor additives , protection fluids and surfactans/ Tinsco, XCP/

Our company is a consultant for Nagase in Eastern Europe. 

We offer highly specific products for use in a wide variety of industrial applications, primarily within the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, electroplating, glass fibres, cosmetics and plastic industries.  We are involved in surplus chemicals and laboratory and production equipment.  All the products are supplied either directly from our partners or ex our warehouse situated in Pardubice. 

Due to our long-term presence in the market and our net of partners in other CEE countries , we do believe we can provide a good and interesting service and can help you to find products from new production sources. 

Please let us know whenever we can be of any service. 

We look forward to a long-term co-operation. 

Your BlaVo team